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Zero Hero, the Bonebreaker, is a male character introduced in a trailer released along with the console release of the game.

He has a plaster cast on his left hand. The exact cause of his fracture is unknown, but it's very likely it's due to falling off a vehicle, since he mostly drives open-top vehicles. The flashback scene suggests it was caused by falling off a Lawn Mower, but in the scene he can be seen with a plaster cast already, so it might not be connected.


I'm not here to win, just to make sure you lose.
— Zero Hero, the Bonebreaker

ZH motto.jpg
— Zero Hero, the Bonebreaker



Zero Hero, the Bonebreaker Trailer

Driven vehicles


This character's main vehicle:


This character is also seen driving:

In-game content

Sofa car style 6.png

Real life vehicles

Real life vehicles used in the trailer:

  • custom Sofa car

ZH scr 5.png ZH scr 6.png


No rivals of this character are mentioned.

Promo pictures

Goofs & notes

  • In one shot Zero Hero can be seen taking a corner in the wrong direction.

Zero Hero in a Deathloop race

  • In one clip, a tire can be seen falling through the ground.

Tire falling through the ground

  1. This paint style was never officially released.
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