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Suspension is crucial in controlling weight transfer and keeping the wheels is contact with the road surface.

Standard suspension is a good compromise between a decidedly soft or stiff setup, and as such, it is a great choice for mixed surfaces.

Stiff suspension offers precise control and reduced body roll on smooth tarmac, but it might bottom out on rough dirt or gravel surfaces.

Soft suspension does a great job at keeping the tires on the ground on bumpy surfaces, and it's therefore perfect for rough gravel and dirt.

Gear ratio

In general, long gearing results in higher top speed and slower acceleration, while short gearing provides better acceleration at the cost of lower top speed.

Gear ratio should be set on per-track basis so that you will maximize acceleration while not running out of gearing on the track's longest straight.


Differential has a major effect on cornering.

A limited-slip maintains responsive handling under normal conditions and improves grip when cornering and accelerating.

A locked differential provides even more improved grip during cornering or acceleration, at the cost of impaired handling.

An open differential offers predictable handling and improved maneuverability, but grip is limited when cornering or driving on a loose surface.

Brake balance

Ideally, to maximize braking efficiency brake balance should be set so that the front and rear brakes lock at the same time.

Increasing brake bias to the front will stabilize the car when braking and increase understeer at corner entry, but too much front bias will result in the brakes locking too easily.

Increasing brake bias to the rear improves braking efficiency but it also increases a tendency for oversteering upon brake release, which can easily result in loss of vehicle control at a corner entry.

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