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Technology Sneak Peek is a sandbox playground used by developers to test the game's physics engine.

The demo was released on November 11th 2013[1] to all pre-order supporters, and had quickly gone viral, raising the pre-order sales enormously. It contains limited version of the playground. This would be later released for free after Christmas 2013.

Following the success of the demo, the 2.0 version was released on the December 5th 2013[2] to all pre-order supporters, and later to all people who purchased the game on Steam. It's a full version of the playground, including more objects and gives player the ability to shoot objects.

In the menu player can repair the car and objects immediately at any time.


Tech demo Sneak Peek 2.0
Opening screen TD in.png TSP in.png
Controls TD con.png TSP con.png
Exit screen TD out.png TSP out.png
Max amount of vehicles 1 24
Objects See here See here
Extra abilities Shooting objects


Keyboard Gamepad Mouse
Drive free camera W/A/S/D Left stick
Handbrake Space B
Reset car R
Repair all E
Change camera C Y
Look around Numpad 4/2/8/6 Right stick Mouse movement
Zoom spherical camera Numpad 9/3 Dpad U/D Mouse wheels
Pause P
Help F1
Menu Esc Start


Chase camera: The default camera. Use the right stick or numpad to rotate.

Spherical camera: Orbiting camera. Control with mouse, or rotate with right stick or numpad keys 8/6/4/2 and zoom with directional pad up/down or numpad keys 9 and 3.

Free camera: Aim with mouse and move with W/A/S/D, or use the left and right stick.


Resume: Returns to the game.

Reset car: Resets the player car to the nearest spawn point, useful after getting stuck. Does not repair the car.

Repair all: Repairs all cars, AI cars included, and resets all dynamic objects back to their default state.

Enable/disable AI: Can be used to temporarily stop the AI cars.

Restart: Restarts the demo.

Options: Opens Options with settings to set volume levels and enable/disable vibration.

Quit: Quits back to the desktop.

Demo Objects

2.0 Objects

Technology Sneak Peek 2.0 features the same objects as the demo, and additionally:


Tech Demo features only one car, that being so-called American with Bugbear Entertainment decals. Technology Sneak Peek 2.0 gives player the ability to add up to 23 AI vehicles, evenly divided into 12 American vehicles (player included) & 12 European vehicles.

The AI can be disabled in the menu.

Technology Sneak Peek 2.0 full grid



American AI comes with one paint style, that being a No. 8 Firebird paint in 5 different colors. Player has an unique paint with Bugbear Entertainment written on the sides, and Next Car Game on the trunk and hood.


Speedbird GT

Main article: Speedbird GT


European is an AI only vehicle and features 6 different paint styles.


Player can activate cannon by pressing V, this gives player the ability to shoot objects.

There are 5 stock ammos, each can be seen in the gallery bellow. Player also has the ability to pick up objects around the map by pressing F, and use those as the ammo instead, expanding the ammo options countlessly.

Switching between ammos is done by pressing X.

Objects as they appear when they can be picked up



Wrecking playground.png

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