Super Venom is a racing-focused version of Venom.

It has been added via Tournament Store in season 2, and costs 60000 fame.

It is based on the 1982 Chevrolet Corvette Stingray.

Base statistics

Icon acceleration.png Acceleration Icon top speed.png Top speed Icon cornering.png Cornering Icon strength.png Strength
9.0 6.8 6.3 4.1
Power Torque Weight Gears
439 hp @ 5400 684 Nm @ 3600 1560 kg 6

Engine swaps

Icon engine.png Engine name Price Required level
Street engine V8 350 1450 CR
Sport engine V8 427 4000 CR 9
Race engine V8 454 0 CR (stock)



Paint styles



& all of DLC wheels.

Roof decorations

& all of Goofy Roofs pack.



  • Originally it featured no upgrades at all.
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