The Speedbird, previously known as the American 1, is a rear-wheel drive American full-size muscle car. Most notable for its roaring engine and large profile, the Speedbird was the first playable vehicle in Wreckfest, dating back to the Next Car Game Sneak Peek. It is incredibly fast and powerful, being able to top most other vehicles on a straight course. Unlike some smaller vehicles, it does not sacrifice its durability for speed. It is also excellent at smoothly drifting long turns. It is currently the most expensive vehicle in the game.

It can be purchased from the Market for 26,840 CR.


  • The Speedbird is known internally as the 01_american.
  • TThis model seems to be based on the 1968 Pontiac Firebird.
  • Before the body model changes, on the wing there was written "Superior ZS" and on the rear panel "Detroit" this might be its early ingame model name and brand even that it was named American 1.
  • Its the weakiest and the fastest Full-Size vehicle in game.
  • Even if the Speedbird and the Roadslayer are based on the real life car model, brand and not the year, it doesn't share its name.


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