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Sheriff, the Crasher, is a female character introduced in a trailer released along with the console release of the game.

She started off with a plain blackish Warwagon, following with adding orange stripes on the rear end sides of the vehicle, and at the end with a full Sheriff setup.

Vehicle creation progression & in-game recreation:


Wreck by wreck. I'm coming for you.
— Sheriff, the Crasher

STC motto.jpg
— Sheriff, the Crasher



Sheriff, the Crasher Trailer

Driven vehicles


This character's main vehicle:


This character is also seen driving:

In-game content

Sheriff bundle applied.png

Real life vehicles

Real life vehicles used in the trailer:

  • 1984 Buick Estate

STC scr 8.png

Behind the scenes


In the trailer, a picture of Hammerhead with a target sign on it can be seen pinned in the middle of a dartboard. 4 darts are thrown at the picture.

In the trailer, 5 cups with names can be seen. These cups shortly after get smashed with a baseball bat, which indicates there is some rivalry between Sheriff, the Crasher, and those charaters. Not all of of the names can be fully seen.

Promo pictures

Goofs & notes

  • She is referred to as "The Sheriff" in other trailer.
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