The Rocket is a rear-wheel drive American midsize muscle car. Being the first available vehicle to the player, it is a very well-rounded starter car. It is smaller than most other American muscle cars (since it is technically a pony car), meaning it is lighter and less durable, but has a good top speed and acceleration.

To get the achievement "Rocketeer", it is advised to upgrade the engine to class A, remove all armor, and possibly install other performance upgrades, although this is not always necessary. Equip the longest gear ratio (class A engine and standard gear ratio will only get you to 114 MPH) and find a map with a long straightaway.


  • The Rocket is known internally as the 18_american.
  • The Rocket is modelled after a 1967-68 Ford Mustang, and more specifically the hardtop coupe version (as opposed to the fastback).
  • This vehicle is required for the achievement "Rocketeer," for which you much reach 130 MPH (209 KMH).
  • During pre-release this car can be bought if the player doesn't own it, this mean to get it free you may replace the save file.


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