Raiden RS is an Asian DLC rally car featured in the Rusty Rats car pack.

It is based on the 1985 Toyota 222D.

Base statistics

Icon acceleration.png Acceleration Icon top speed.png Top speed Icon cornering.png Cornering Icon strength.png Strength
7.4 5.8 8.1 2.0
Power Torque Weight Gears
214 hp @ 6800 288 Nm @ 4500 909 kg 6

Engine swaps

Icon engine.png Engine name Price
Street engine 1.6L 8V SOHC 1625 CR
Sport engine 1.6L 16V SOHC 5000 CR
Race engine 2.0L 16V DOHC 0 CR (stock)



Paint styles



& all of DLC wheels.

Roof decorations

& all of Goofy Roofs pack.

Promo pictures

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