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Performance upgrades affect the performance of the car. They play the main role in determining vehicle's class.


Engine section.png

The main powerhouse of the car.

Street engine.png

Street engine block.

Sport engine.png

Sport engine block.

Race engine.png

Race engine block.

Air Filter

Air filter section.png

Provides clean air to the engine for combustion, preventing any dust or particles from entering the cylinders.

Stock air filter.png

Stock air filter: Your run-of-the-mill standard paper filter. On a closer inspection you can see some dead flies and mold.

Street air filter.png

Street air filter: Performance cloth filter that provides maximum surface area, allowing more air to flow through the filter and into the engine.

Sport air filter.png

Sport air filter: Short ram air intake system replaces standard air filter with an open element filter and a custom intake pipe, providing vastly less restriction for the airflow and thus more horsepower.

Race air filter.png

Racing air filter: Cold air intake system that force-feeds air directly into your engine cylinders, improving combustion efficiency and yielding more power.


Cooling section.png

Helps keeping the engine at optimum temperature and remove excess heat.

Stock radiator.png

Stock radiator: A slightly leaking stock radiator complete with an archaelogical collection of fly fossils and a rat nest.

Street radiator.png

Street radiator: Electric cooling fan conversion allows for better cooling efficiency and provides a slight power increase even with a standard radiator.

Sport radiator.png

Sport radiator: A high-capacity, high-flow aluminum radiator with an electric cooling dan increases flow and reduces air intake temperature, yielding a power increase.

Race radiator.png

Racing radiatoR: A high-flow racing radiator with twin electric fans increases fluid capacity and heat dissipation, providing optimal heat exchange and more power for modified cars.

Intake Manifold

Intake manifold section.png

Allows the flow of the air-fuel mix into the cylinders for combustion. The right air and fuel mix is optimal for the best possible performance.

Stock intake manifold.png

Stock intake manifold: The standard intake manifold that is restrictive as it's ugly but you still love it.

Street intake manifold.png

Street intake manifold: A cast aluminum intake manifold with high-flow runner design, delivering a slight performance increase.

Sport intake manifold.png

Sport intake manifold: A low-rise dual-plane intake manifold with a larfe throttle body delivers a moderate horsepower gain from idle to maximum engine RPM.

Race intake manifold.png

Racing intake manifold: A performance high-flow intake manifold with lightweight composite construction, utilizing high-flow runners and open plenum design for maximum power in racing applications.

Fuel System

Fuel system section.png

Help provide the optimum air-fuel mix.

Stock carb.png

Stock carb: Consists of the standard fuel pump and carburetor setup that keeps your car going forward but not much else.

Street carb.png

Street carb: A tuned carburetor setup, yielding a moderate performance increase.

Sport carb.png

Sport carb: A high-capacity performance carburetor setup with high-performance fuel rail, providing unobstructed flow of fuel to the engine and more power.

Race carb.png

Racing carb: A complete racing setup with an electric high-pressure fuel pump and programmable fuel injection, providing efficient fuel flow and extracting moer power from the fuel you use.


Ignition section.png

Ignite the fuel for combustion, they are timed to spark just before the pistons reach the upper displacement of the cycle. Spark timing is crucial for optimising the power from the engine.

Stock ignition.png

Stock ignition: A standard distributor, worn-out coil, oily spark plugs and cracked ignition cables from a mess that will eventually turn your car into a ball of flame.

Street ignition.png

Street ignition: High-performance spark plugs and ignition leads, yielding a slight performance increase.

Sport ignition.png

Sport ignition: High output spark plugs, leads and ignition coil for peak spark power at any RPM, providing more performance.

Race ignition.png

Racing ignition: A fully electric, capacitive discharge ignition control system providing brute ignition power and precision timing from idle to maximum RPM.


Exhaust section.png

Allows the exhaust gases to flow out of the car.

Stock exhaust.png

Stock exhaust: The stock exhaust, or rather the small section of it that has not yet quite rotted away completely.

Street exhaust.png

Street exhaust: Replaces restrictive stock exhaust mufflers with better free-flowing items, improving performance slightly.

Sport exhaust.png

Sport exhaust: Large-bore exhaust piping and much less restrictive free-flowing mufflers, reducing backflow and providing a moderate power increase.

Race exhaust.png

Racing exhaust: A custom large-diameter racing exhaust that provides fastest exhaust velocity with the least amount of restriction, yielding better performance.

Exhaust Manifold

Exhaust manifold section.png

Fitted to the engines to allow the exhaust gases to flow from the cylinders in the combustion cycles.

Stock exhaust manifold.png

Stock exhaust manifold: Your bog-standard grandpa-style cast iron manifold that is equally restrictive as it is heavy, but very cheap.

Street exhaust manifold.png

Street exhaust manifold: A light-weight stainless steel exhaust manifold that provides less restrictive airflow compared to the standard issue.

Sport exhaust manifold.png

Sport exhaust manifold: Separate exhaust headers for each cylinder eliminate inter-cylinder interference and maintain optimum gas velocity, providing more power.

Race exhaust manifold.png

Racing exhaust manifold: Ceramic-coated header pipes with carefully tuned geometry, providing an optimum flow of the exhaust gases, and as a result, increased performance.


Valves section.png

Valves allow the flow of air-fuel mix and exhaust gases in and out of the cylinders respectively. They can improve the engine performance by how far they move in and out of the cylinders, to allow as much fuel and air into the cylinders as possible.

Stock valves.png

Stock valves: Slightly bent stock valves that surprisingly still keep you going even though the valve train does not sound too healthy to your ear.

Street valves.png

Street valves: Stainless steel valves with matching valves springs, a great affordable choice for a slight performance increase.

Sport valves.png

Sport valves: Sodium-filled inconel alloy valves wit one-piece construction, hard chrome stems and cobalt-chromium alloy tips for street and racing.

Race valves.png

Racing valves: Swirl-polished racing titanium valves with hardened tips, duel valve springs and titanium retainers for serious performance applications.


Camshaft section.png

Moves the valves in the engine, with better camshaft more power can be optimised from the engine

Stock camshaft.png

Stock camshaft: Stock camshaft, featuring so much grooving that you could mistake it for a subway map.

Street camshaft.png

Street camshaft: A performance camshaft with slightly longer valve opening, allowing for a higher volumentric efficiency in the cylinder which conversely results in higher engine performance.

Sport camshaft.png

Sport camshaft: A high-performance camshaft with long valve opening and more lift, providing a moderate performance gain for both street and track.

Race camshaft.png

Racing camshaft: A racing camshaft for optimum valve timing, duration, lift, and opening of the valves, allowing for maximum performance gain in performance applications.


Pistons section.png

Key component of any combustion engine. Combustion moves the pistons up and down, which then drives the driveshaft, allowing the wheels to turn. The greater pistons, the greater pressure, and the greater power.

Stock pistons.png

Stock pistons: Crusty, pitted pistons from your old oil-burner. You have a feeling you will not get away by simple carbon cleaning.

Street pistons.png

Street pistons: Standard cast aluminum pistons for a budget-friendly, slight performance upgrade.

Sport pistons.png

Sport pistons: High-strength, heat treated, aluminum alloy forged pistons for performance applications.

Race pistons.png

Racing pistons: Custom racing pistons, machined from forged steel, yielding higher compression ratio and more power, with matching forged rods.

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