The KillerBee S, previously known as the European 1, is a rear-wheel drive European compact car. The KillerBee S is the race version of the KillerBee. It can be unlocked by completing the "Attack For The KillerBee" career challenge in the Challengers championship. It is nimble and has high torque, enough so that with softer suspension, one of the front wheels almost always lifts off the ground in even mild turns.


  • The KillerBee S is known internally as the 02_european.
  • This model seems to be based on the 1964 Fiat 850 OT Berlina.
  • It is the only vehicle in the game with functioning tail lights.
  • Only 1 AI can only use it in career on Challengers Championship in Attack of the KillerBee.
  • In the 2019 update, Big Flares, Small Bumpers, Roof Wing and Big Spoiler has been added to the car, then in the Fall update patch the bumpers are considered as stock instead of racer and they are not nerfed in weight unlike the Boomer RS, which may still annoy the specs alot due of the inline 4 weigth weakness.


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