The Gatecrasher is a rear-wheel drive American Full-size car. It can be purchased from the Market for 21,440 CR. It has a high amount of torque and soft suspension, and is a great vehicle for rough dirt maps. It is very durable and heavy, making it easy to spin out and wreck other vehicles.

Base Statistics

Acceleration Top Speed Cornering Strength
7.5 6.8 3.7 5.3
Power Torque Weight Gears
436hp @ 6000 398ft-lb @ 4500 4041lb 4


  • The Gatecrasher is known internally as the 14_american.
  • This model seems to be based on the 1974 Chervolet Monte Carlo.
  • Can be borrowed in multiplayer for free.
  • There is a non installed stock grill that the player can bought to replace the current mesh one.


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