A high-speed road course in a beatiful Nordic setting that's technically not too demanding and offers plenty of opportunities for overtaking.

It's based on the Vålerbanen in Braskereidfoss, Norway.

Route Name Size / Length Surface ID Internal name
Tarmac3 main circuit.png
Main Circuit 2280 m 100% Tarmac tarmac3_main_circuit forest04_1
Tarmac3 main circuit rev.png
Main Circuit Reverse 2280 m 100% Tarmac tarmac3_main_circuit_rev forest04_1_rev
Tarmac3 short circuit.png
Short Circuit 1050 m 100% Tarmac tarmac3_short_circuit forest04_2
Tarmac3 short circuit rev.png
Short Circuit Reverse 1050 m 100% Tarmac tarmac3_short_circuit_rev forest04_2_rev
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