The Double Decker is a rear-wheel drive Asian special vehicle. The vehicle's design is based on double-decker derby cars, and this particular vehicle consists of a Buggy body fixed on top of a Speedemon.

It can be unlocked by completing the "Double Trouble" career challenge in the Pro Internationals championship.


  • The Double Decker was added to the game on full release.
  • The game seems to allow players to use the Double Decker in multiplayer even if special cars are disabled.
  • This model seems to be based on the 1986 Toyota Supra MK3 with a 1968 Volkswagen Beetle on the roof.
  • The Buggy would later be made available to players who own the Retro Rammers Car Pack or have purchased the Season Pass.
  • In the 2019 update, the wheels are now black and red trimmed instead being orange, and its no longer a Special but a Full-size instead, but remains unusable in career, unlike the Limo, which is unmodifiable.


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