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We all dream of success and the opportunity to earn riches beyond our wildest imaginations but what happens to those who fail? They wander endlessly around the glass-laden, sky-scraping temples of their former glory, waiting for the Maim Street Crash.

It's comes from the Carmageddon video game.

Route Name Size / Length Surface ID Internal name
Crm01 1.png
Race Track 3.44 km 100% Gravel
crm01_1 crm01_1
Crm01 2.png
Free Roam 2.52 ha 100% Tarmac
crm01_2 crm01_2
Crm01 3.png
Demolition Arena 2.52 ha 100% Tarmac
crm01_3 crm01_3
Crm01 5.png
Race Track Reverse 3.44 km 100% Gravel
crm01_5 crm01_5

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