A high-speed oval where utter destruction is always near, perfect for some frenzied bumper-to-bumper racing and big-time crashes with layouts for every kind of vehicular carnage.

It's based on the Irwindale Speedway in Irwindale, California.

Route Name Size / Length Surface ID Internal name
Speedway2 classic arena.png
Open Demolition Arena 58100 m² 100% Tarmac speedway2_classic_arena urban02_7
Speedway2 demolition arena.png
Demolition Arena 58100 m² 100% Tarmac speedway2_demolition_arena urban02_1
Speedway2 figure 8.png
Figure 8 670 m 100% Tarmac speedway2_figure_8 urban02_4
Speedway2 inner oval.png
Inner Oval 562 m 100% Tarmac speedway2_inner_oval urban02_3
Speedway2 outer oval.png
Outer Oval 756 m 100% Tarmac speedway2_outer_oval urban02_2
Speedway2 oval loop.png
Outer Oval Loop 1650 m 100% Tarmac speedway2_oval_loop urban02_5
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