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Armor upgrades affect the strength of the car. They are crucial for demolition derby events. Parts either add or reduce the class based on their weight.

Front bumper

Front bumper section.png

Front bumper can make the front of the car more sturdier, but while doing so, it will also add weight, possibly lowering car's performance.

Rear bumper

Rear bumper section.png

Rear bumper can increase the strength of the car's rear, but the sturdiest parts are often also the heaviest, resulting in a performance hit.

Roll cage

Roll cage section.png

Roll cage is a tubular frame that increases the strength of the car's passenger compartment, but due to the increased weight it also decreases performance.

Side protector

Side protector section.png

True to the name, side protectors are used to protect the sides of the car, with the added weight causing some loss of performance.

Window bars

Window bars section.png

Window bars can slightly improve the strength of the car's roof, and since they're light, the performance hit is often negligible.

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